Mesh Products for Grass Protection

What do you think is the best color for grass protection mesh in summer? Black? White?

The answer is GRAY or BLUE!


Grass needs visible light length (380~780nm) for growing.

On the other hand, ultra violet has a bad effect on grass growing.


(1) Black mesh can block ultraviolet (81.7%: blocking ratio).

At this point, black is good for grass health.

But, black is the most heat absorbable color.

So the black mesh gets so hot, and it can cause grass withering.

Now, how about white?

It looks good for plants and white doesn’t get hot.

But ultra violet can go through white mesh (57.1%: blocking ratio).

So, white is not appropriate for grass protection too.


(2) Gray and blue are suitable for grass protection.

Both colors don’t get too hot. And they pass through the light accordingly.

Not too much Ultra violet, but also not too less visible light.


If you buy mesh covers for grass protection in summer, please consider the properties of colors.

The following data shows the light properties about our mesh products.


<The properties of each light lengths>

Ultraviolet: Harmful for plant’s growing.

Visible light: Necessary for plant’s growing.

    Light length (400~500nm) effects on forming process of plant.

    Light length (600~660nm) is the most important range for plant’s growing.

Near-infrared: The cause of getting hot.


※The above information is a typical data, the best color for grass protection can be different.

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