Flexible Container Bags


We can produce a lot of kinds of bags for your requests.

We can produce suitable bags for your requests, such as contents, how to be stored, spouted, and etc.
Contents: Plastics(PP, PE, PET, polycarbonate, absorbent polymer, grains, salt, forage, fertilizer, potatoes, activated carbon, powders.
Inner Liner: (PP, PE, Aluminum multi layers film, Conductive film)
Made in Japan, China, Vietnam, or Indonesia (HAGIHARA WESTJAVA INDUSTRIES)

Product Information

Stocked item list is here.

Functional Bags – 1

Water Permeability Bag PE Container Bag Conductive Bag

Content: Activated carbon

Features: It is easy to drain water.

Contents: Forage, fertilizer

Features: Base cloth is generally made from PP. But this bag is made from PE, which improves the stability of the shape.

Content: Powder

Features: Conductive yarns are woven into the cloth, which prevents powder explosion.

Functional Bags – 2

Mesh Bag Partition Bag Air-through Bag

Contents: Grains, potatoes, and beans

Features: For something needs air permeability.

Contents: Plastics resin, corn starch

Features: Inside partitions make the side wall stand straight. Loading and carrying efficiency is improved.

Content: Brown rice

Features: Mesh size is smaller than Mesh Bag. So it’s suitable for storing or carrying grain requesting air permeability.

General purpose use

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