Flexible Container Bags


We can make custom-made FIBCs for you.

We can make suitable flexible container bags depending on what you would like to store, how to be stored and spouted.
Examples of what you can store: Plastics(PP,PE,PET etc.), grains, salt, forage, fertilizer, potatoes, activated carbon and powder.
Made in Japan, China, Vietnam, or Indonesia (HAGIHARA WESTJAVA INDUSTRIES)

Product Information

Functional Bags – 1

Water Permeability Bag PE Container Bag Conductive Bag

Content: Activated carbon

Features: It is easy to drain water.

Contents: Forage, fertilizer

Features: Base cloth is generally made from PP. But this bag is made from PE, which improves the stability of the shape.

Content: Powder

Features: Conductive yarns are woven into the cloth, which prevents powder explosion.

Functional Bags – 2

Mesh Bag Partition Bag Air-through Bag

Contents: Grains, potatoes, and beans

Features: For something needs air permeability.

Contents: Plastics resin, corn starch

Features: Inside partitions make the side wall stand straight. Loading and carrying efficiency is improved.

Content: Brown rice

Features: Mesh size is smaller than Mesh Bag. So it’s suitable for storing or carrying grain requesting air permeability.

General purpose use

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