For Artificial Grass

Made in Japan Quality. Various types of yarn and monofilament.

High durability and wear resistance. Available from 3 materials(PE, PP, NY).
Outdoor/Indoor use (Tennis, Soccer, Futsal, Golf, and etc.) Other use (Gardening, Balcony, Backyard, and etc.)
PE, PP, and NY.
Any color

Product Information

We can produce yarns and monofilaments as your request.

Colors, texture, crimp, and anything you would like to use.


◎”HAGILINE” Flat Yarns

HAGILINE yarns have been used as artificial grass particularly for sports.

We can produce Split Yarns too.

Decitex Range: 1,000dt ~ 13,000dt

Thickness: 20 ~ 110μm


◎”MARUFREN” Monofilaments

We have many cross-section types of monofilaments.

Decitex Range: 200dt ~ 3,000dt



PE:・High durability ・Good wear resistant ・Good elasticity for Sports


PP:・Light weight ・Good chemical resistant ・Heat resistant


NY:・Looks like real grass ・Good wear resistant ・Good resiliency

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