Halogen-free Antistatic FR

Anti-static cloth with high flame retardant performance.

It has self-extinguish performance, and the special coating enables to have high anti-static performance. In addition, it has higher strength performance than film materials.
Halogen-free and Phosphorus-free, no release of harmful gas when incinerated. Organic substances only, so the release of combustion gas is less than normal sheets.
Both sides are non-slip processed, which makes it easier to walk on the cloth.
Especially used in places where it requires high FR performance and static-control.
This is used as a covering cloth at Nuclear power plants in Japan.
Made in Japan

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)


Weight 155g/m² 4.6oz/yd² 
Thickness 0.18mm 7mil
Temperature Range -30℃ to + 70℃



Tensile Strength Warp 250N/5cm (JIS 1096) 75lbs (ASTM D751)
Weft 250N/5cm (JIS 1096) 70lbs (ASTM D751)
Elongation Warp 20% (JIS 1096) 20% (ASTM D751)
Weft 20% (JIS 1096) 19% (ASTM D751)
Tear Strength Warp 35N (JIS 1096) 10lbs (ASTM D4533)
Weft 35N (JIS 1096) 10lbs (ASTM D4533)
Anti-static Ability Surface Resistivity(Ω)=1.1 x 1010
Flame Retardant Test UL Fire Test, conformed to VTM-0

※The above figures are measured values, not guaranteed values.

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