Origin Max

Good UV stability and durability. Recognized as "Maxlite Cover" in New Zealand's market, and "High UV Cloth" in Asian market.

Good UV resistance and strength performance.
Widely used in industries, civil engineering, and agriculture.
For construction and building,
General Covers, Sun Shade, Disaster Relief
Tarpaulins, Agricultural and Industrial Tarpaulins etc..
Any Colors (Standard colors are White, Red, Black, Green, Yellow, and Blue)
Made in Japan

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)


Weight 278g/m² 8.2oz/yd² 
Thickness 0.475mm 19mil
Temperature Range -30℃ to + 70℃



Tensile Strength Warp 1780N/5cm (JIS 1096) 280lbs (ASTM D751)
Weft 1610N/5cm (JIS 1096) 280lbs (ASTM D751)
Elongation Warp 17% (JIS 1096) 19% (ASTM D751)
Weft 19% (JIS 1096) 19% (ASTM D751)
Tear Strength Warp 280N (JIS 1096) 75lbs (ASTM D4533)
Weft 280N (JIS 1096) 75lbs (ASTM D4533)
Puncture Strength 145lbs (ASTM D4833)

※The above figures are measured values, not guaranteed values.


Origin Max has been used as structure membrane in Singapore for decades. In 2020, Origin Max was used for making medical tents with the pandemic of COVID-19. The reason why it has been chosen for a long time are that it has UV resistance, straight warp and weft, good strength, and beautiful colors.

(Medical Tent for COVID-19, in Sep. 2020)


(Tents for School Festival, in Mar. 2019)

(Tents for local festival, in Aug. 2019)

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