Snapfinger Eco

Eco version of snapfinger cloth. Very light and easy to handle.

Only 1/3 weight of snapfinger cloth.
Less degradation and hardening in cold areas so it is suitable for work place under low temperature.
No release of dioxin when incinerated, no harm to the environment and health.
Wall Cover for construction site.
Scaffolding Cover, Scaffold Sheeting, Covers of soundproof use.
Made in Japan

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)


Weight 243g/m² 7.2oz/yd²
Thickness 0.46mm 18mil
Temperature Range -30℃ to + 70℃



Tensile Strength Warp 1300N/3cm (JIS 1096) 210lbs (ASTM D751)
Weft 1400N/3cm (JIS 1096) 135lbs (ASTM D751)
Elongation Warp 23% (JIS 1096) 23% (ASTM D751)
Weft 21% (JIS 1096) 18% (ASTM D751)
Tear Strength Warp 180N (JIS 1096) 20lbs (ASTM D4533)
Weft 150N (JIS 1096) 14lbs (ASTM D4533)
Flame Retardant Test Passed (JIS L1091)

※The above figures are measured values, not guaranteed values.


Comparison of sound insulation effect ( Snapfinger vs. Eco Snapfinger)

※The initial sound source is 80dB.

    Values in Parentheses() are transmission loss that means the soundproof effect.

Distance from sheeting 5m 10m 20m 30m
Snapfinger 78(16) 75(14) 68(10) 64(8)
Eco Snapfinger 79(15) 76(13) 69(9) 65(7)



・Generally, the noise would be heared by half sensorially if 10dB lower.

・The effect of snapfinger will change by the condition of construction such as the height of tarp, sound source, distance from the receiving point, type of noise source etc.

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