X-Water 7100

PE laminated fabric with film coating. Widely recognized as portable water tank liner material in Australian market.

Made from environment-friendly Polyethylene.
Light weight, easy to handle and fabricate.
Water resistance (25 meters.)
Available with UV stabilization to provide longer durability.
Certified to NSF/ANSI 61, could be used for drinking water.
Lower cost than PVC alternatives.
Not just light but also strong with higher tensile and tear strengths than PVC products.
Dam Liner, Portable Water Tank Liner, Drinking Water Tank Liner Material.
D.Sliver(Surface)/Black(Back), any colors.
Made in Japan

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)


Weight 457g/m² 13.5oz/yd² 
Thickness 0.65mm 25.6mil
Temperature Range -30℃ to + 70℃



Tensile Strength Warp 2400N/5cm (JIS 1096) 374lbs (ASTM D751)
Weft 2450N/5cm (JIS 1096) 384lbs (ASTM D751)
Elongation Warp 17% (JIS 1096) 24% (ASTM D751)
Weft 18% (JIS 1096) 25% (ASTM D751)
Tear Strength Warp 250N (JIS 1096) 45lbs (ASTM D4533)
Weft 270N (JIS 1096) 51lbs (ASTM D4533)
Puncture Strength 200lbs (ASTM D4833)
Water Pressure Resistant At least 250kPa

※The above figures are measured values, not guaranteed values.


◎Easy Water Tank

 Portable tank using X-Water 7100 cloth has high strength performance and durability. Portable folding type makes carrying and storage easily when not in use. 

    Please note that Easy Water Tank cannot be used for drinking water storage because the cover is not sealed. 


Capacity Size(mm) Packed weight/Set(Approx.)
500L 1000φ x 600H 3.8kg
1000L 1350φ x 700H 5.0kg
2000L 1800φ x 800H 7.5kg


Standard accessories for one set:Tank Cover x 1, FRP Stanchions x 6.

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