Slope Covering Tarp at Engineering or Construction Sites

What a great Job has been done using our Tarpee Brand “Origin1414 Green” for construction site in Japan!
Our PE tarp has been used as cutting slope cover preventing sand from flowing out.

The reasons why our Tarpee products have been chosen by customers are following things.

1) Light weight (Origin1414 has only 212gsm)

2) UV resistance (Approximately 3 years)

3) Width (Up to 3.6m)

4) Colors (It’s available to produce in any colors.)
*Minimum Color Lot is about 10,000m2, please contact us for details.

5) Toughness


Tensile Strength Warp 1150N/5cm (JIS 1096) 190lbs (ASTM D751)
Weft 1100N/5cm (JIS 1096) 190lbs (ASTM D751)
Elongation Warp 16% (JIS 1096) 17% (ASTM D751)
Weft 16% (JIS 1096) 17% (ASTM D751)
Tear Strength Warp 150N (JIS 1096) 40lbs (ASTM D4533)
Weft 150N (JIS 1096) 40lbs (ASTM D4533)
Puncture Strength 100lbs (ASTM D4833)

※The above figures are measured values, not guaranteed values.

Tarpee means (PE + Tarp), the brand is well known in Australia and other countries.
Tarpee products have been highly evaluated for their quality.
The reliabilities of them are proved by the long history.


One of our advantages is customizability.
We are an integrated manufacturer, from making yarn to processing tarps.
What that means is it’s possible to arrange each production process and modify them.
It makes us to produce very wide range of products.


We can provide not only roll types but also ready-made types (processed tarps).
It would be appreciated if you could give us information of detail applications.
We will make a suggestion which suits your requests.

Contact page is here!

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