Tape it and Repair it! – Strong adhesion tape –


Thinking of buying another tarp because its torn?



We would like to recommend you our PE Repair tape.



It is not just a normal adhesive tape, but its adhesion is STRONG!

It is strong enough to join tarps together or even use it as a reinforcement,

and of course repairing rips and tears on tarp.

And this adhesion gets stronger over time as the adhesion penetrates to the base cloth.



Another great point about this PE Repair tape is that it can be taped to any PE,PP and PVC materials

so it is possible to join tarps that are made out of different material!


PE Repair tape is available in black, blue, and clear color so choose the best color to go with your tarp.





For any inquiries concerning to this product, please feel free to contact us from here.





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