28 years warranty for Strong Master #30 & #40


Great news…!


We have started to offer 28 years UV warranty for both Strong Master #30 and Strong Master #40.

These are the products that we have recommended in the other post, so if you’re interested please go and visit!

▶4 Recommended Waterproof products!


Just to briefly explain about these products, they both have good strength and  durability

and they are perfect for pond lining or geotextile uses.



They are both made from polyethylene and it can be made with any color.


So let us get back to the point.


For our weather resistance test, we used the accelerating machine called the QUV.



Regarding the general terms and the conditions of the testing, we appreciate if you could find them from HERE.

The remained (residual) strength ratio was 70% or more. (Please check the warranty documents) 

However, actual results were much better than this so if you are interested in the pictures and raw data,

please feel free to contact us!!


If you are looking for a new lining material, we would like you to consider our Strong Master as an option for you. 

Cut samples are available for your testing to confirm water-pressure resistance, welding performance, etc. 


We are more than happy to help you, so please feel free to make an inquiry from here!



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