-Japan to Bangladesh- Our “Snow-Tex Cool” was used to cover railway vehicle!


Please watch the video below!




Yes, it’s all in Bengali and yes, we have no idea of what they are saying.

And why we are posting this?


That is because our Snow-Tex Cool was used to cover railway vehicle that was shipped from Japan to Bangladesh!


Out of all the products we have,  why Snow-Tex Cool, right?

Today, we would like to explain why Snow-Tex Cool is suitable for covering railway vehicle.


First of all, Snow-Tex Cool is an insulation fabric which is usually used as an awning or coloring fruits. 


The yarn we use to make Snow-Tex Cool contains numerous micro voids which diffuses reflection.




Especially in near infrared range, it has 77% of reflection ratio so it is effective to avoid the rise of the temperature inside the Snow-Tex.



In addition to this, Snow-Tex Cool has 3 years of weather resistance and it is suitable for long term use.


Japan to Bangladesh is a very long way, and during the shipping, weather will change constantly.

In order to protect the vehicle from those harsh environment,

Snow-Tex Cool’s ability to insulate heat and its high weather resistance was key to be selected as a covering.


If there are any concerns, please feel free to contact us.













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