4 Recommended Waterproof products!


Looking for good waterproof products?


We Hagihara Industries is a leading manufacturer of blue tarp in Japan.

Not only blue tarp that we are good with,  but we manufacture many products that are made out of polyethylene.



Let us proudly introduce our Waterproof products!


First one is Aqua pressure #7000.



What is amazing about this product is that it has 5 years of weather resistance

and it has 2.5 times the thickness (24 mil)  of core weave

It is suitable for long term waterproof use.


Next up is X-water 7100



We have an achievement in selling X-water 7100 as an water tank liner

to store agricultural water in Australia and India.

Not only for agricultural water but it is certified to NSF/ANSI 61, so it can be used to store drinking water.

You may think it weigh a lot as it is strong enough to store water,


we use polyethylene instead of PVC so it is light and strong!

Another good point about this product is that it is easy to fabricate and has good welding performance.

We are more than happy to custom to your size, so please feel free to contact us.




      Aqua pressure #7000

            X-water 7100

Tensile strength (ASTM D751)

    Warp: 390lbs Weft: 350lbs

     Warp: 374lbs Weft: 384lbs

Elongation(ASTM D751)

          Warp: 20% Weft: 18%

        Warp: 24% Weft: 25%

Tear strength (ASTM D4533)

       Warp: 65lbs Weft: 65lbs

        Warp: 45lbs Weft: 51lbs

Water pressure

                 At least 250kPa

               At least 250kPa



Third one is Strongmaster #30.



It has 32 mil of thickness and it is suitable for dam liner, pond liner and floating cover. 

Of course, you can also use it as a material to cover your stuff.


Last but not least, Strongmaster #40



You can use it in the same way as Strongmaster #30 but this is THICKER (42 mil) so it is recommended for people who needs more durability.




         Strongmaster #30

        Strongmaster #40

Tensile strength (ASTM D751)

    Warp: 410lbs Weft: 506lbs 

    Warp: 471lbs Weft: 545lbs

Elongation(ASTM D751)

         Warp: 17% Weft: 18%

         Warp: 18% Weft: 19%

Tear strength (ASTM D2261)

     Warp: 102lbs Weft: 111lbs

      Warp: 65lbs Weft: 111lbs 

Water pressure

                At least 250kPa

               At least 250kPa


All of the products that we introduced today has more than 250kPA of water pressure resistance!



They are all made in Japan and can be custom to your size and color.

We are able to provide samples for free or for purchase so please feel free to contact us.




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