20 years of UV limited warranty – That’s how proud we are of our quality –

All of the time you spent to build a membrane structure, surely, you do not want to climb up the roof and change fabric because of the sun damage.  Right? 



To fabricators and to whoever considering of owning membrane structure, 

we have Tarpee Titan UV and Tarpee Titan FR that has 20 YEARS of UV warranty!


We have an achievement in Australia where it is known for strong UV ray and even in those condition, 

it lasts over 10 years!


Tarpee Titan UV and Tarpee Titan FR are both made in Japan and  designed for huge shelter. 

We are able to customize to your preferable size and color.



As to Tarpee Titan FR, it passes these flame retardant tests shown below.

(CAN/ULC S109-14, Small-Flame Test) 
(CAN/ULC S109-14 Large-Flame Test) 
(NFPA-701 Large) 


In addition to this, flame retardant is added to yarn, not  the coating layer.

Therefore, it still have a good welding performance like Tarpee Titan UV.


We are able to provide samples for free or for purchase so please feel free to contact us.



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