“Revalue+” New Recycling Project

Business Partnership between HAGIHARA INDUSTRIES INC & J&T Recycling Corporation

We HAGIHARA and J&T had an agreement of Business Partnership regarding Revalue+ project. It is setting our goals as manufacturing PE tarps from used PE tarps. Now, most of used PE tarps are incinerated as same as other wastes. Some of used PE tarps are recycled but just as PE resin, and it is degraded so that it can’t be used for manufacturing PE tarps. This is called as vertical recycle, recycled as a material for manufacturing something different. What we are going to do is horizontal recycle, from used PE tarps to new PE tarps, same as PET bottles.


We will work on constructing the recycling system to realize Revalue+ Horizontal recycle. Recycling 5,000m.t./year of used PE tarp is our target. Our objectives are reduction of CO2 emission and restraining the use of natural resources. We are going to commit to SDGs more and more.


■Business Partnership

  1. Agreement Date:Dec. 23rd, 2020


*Collecting used PE tarps from our customers

*Public relations regarding plastic recycling

*Research and development of modifying recycled PE resin from used PE tarps


J&T Recycling Corporation

*Collecting recyclable plastics products

*Manufacturing and selling recycled PE resin from used PE tarps

*Development, manufacturing, and selling of products made from recycled PE resin

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