Product Customization!

We can produce customized products for your requirements.

1.  Thickness  0.1mm – 1.1mm
2.  Weight  96g/m2 – 821g/m2
3.  Tensile or Tear Strengths  Up to (Tensile: 3,615N/5cm), (Tear: 440N/5cm): Strong Master #40
4.  Color  Any color as your request
5.  Matte or Glossy Finish  We have 2 types of LDPE coating rolls.
6.  Shading or Reflecting  Shading ratio is up to 99.9%, for Weed Control or Blackout.
 Reflecting ratio is 77% in near infrared range.: Snow-Tex
7.  Width  3.6m width is the maximum without joint.
8.  Length  100m/r is minimum length. Longer length is lower price.
9.  Fabricating  We have our own fabricating factory. Various sizes tarps, pallet covers, and tubing (Air-duct).


We are an integrated manufacturer, from Yarn to Fabricating.

That’s the reason why we can produce wide range of products.

We are looking forward to your contact!

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