Various Shapes (Cross Section) of Monofilament

(Cross Section View of monofilament)

Speaking of monofilament, most of them are above type.
It is a standard monofilament and cross section view is like a circle.
Now we are producing these kinds of monofilament to domestic market.


We have other shapes of monofilaments too!

Please take a look at the following pictures.


2 Humps Monofilament

It looks like 2 filaments are welded and combined.

But it is a monofilament.


3 Humps Monofilament

This is also monofilament.

We can produce 11 humps filament at most.


Oval Shape Monofilament


Corrugate Monofilament

This zigzag surface filament is called “Corrugate”.


Shape of monofilament is an important factor to make a good quality product. It can increase a toughness of a product, or it can give the product its characteristics depending on which shape of monofilaments they use.


If you are interested in our monofilaments, please contact us for further information.

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